Spring Showers

Spring showers. Warm weather. Those things should make my granddaughter happy because she hates any day that isn’t sunny and mild. She complains about wet, hot, cold and wind. She’s terrified of snow and not all that thrilled about rain. Do You Like Snow? is my next book. I’m looking at a fall publish date. Guess who I used as my inspiration?

One of my goals for spring is to dance in the rain with this climate-phobic two-year-old. She loves her baths. Now, I want her to get her good and soggy with her clothes on. She doesn’t mind dirt. Let’s see how she does with mud.

Of course, I’ll have to plan ahead to clean her up before we go back inside. I don’t want to be chasing a slippery toddler around my house (or my daughter’s). I made those rookie mistakes with my own kids. I know better now.

I also know that dancing in the rain is a time to giggle and wonder. What could be better with your grandkids? Give it a go this spring.