It only seems fair. Last month I wrote about spring showers and dancing in the rain. What warm, tender images. Well, it’s May and where I live, that’s Mud Season.

Why, oh why, is mud so attractive to otherwise clean children? My three-year-old grandson is fastidious about lining up his dozens of toy cars and trucks. He can sort them by size, by color, even by function. He eats everything with a spoon and fork. But, when he sees a mud puddle…

I had a friend who told her preschooler to stop jumping in puddles because he got his clothes soaking wet. One day on the playground, as we were tending to our newborns, we turned to find Bill back in the puddle – and completely naked. Wet clothes problem solved. Smart (and obedient) boy!

Mud makes wonderful sounds. It yanks at your shoes and feels funny. It makes adults squeal. Maybe we should all try jumping in a mud puddle or two.