Everyone Has A Story

What’s your story? It’s probably part comedy, part tragedy, part farce with maybe some adventure thrown in. I tend to see the world through silly, rose-colored glasses so my story is funny and cheerful (even when it’s not). We all have a point of view. That’s what helps to make our own story unique. 

We need to pass on our versions of our lives. Our kids and grandkids can’t possibly know everything about us – and maybe they shouldn’t. But, they will want to know about our childhoods, our rebellious years (some more rebellious than others), our romances, our careers, our hobbies, our passions. There are grandparent books with charts to complete. But, these charts just tell the dry facts. Your story, embellished and colored as you wish, can communicate so much more. You can really get to know your family and they can enjoy the fuller you.

I was a National Park Ranger. My kids still find that hilarious. It’s a slice of my life that they enjoy and find unbelievable. It’s just one part of me. Talk about your life.

Tell your story!