Intro - Who Am I?

I’m Joanie. According to the local movie theater, I’m a senior citizen. My wonderful children are grown with kids of their own. My husband and I run successful businesses. I have long been considering what would come next.

What has come next, without any effort on my part, is grandmotherhood. I love our kids whole-heartedly. I hope they think I was (and still am) a good mother. But, like all mothers, I was distracted. I was not only the parent. I was simultaneously the housekeeper, cook, shopper, handywoman, social secretary, Saturday night date, not to mention my paying job. The list is endless. But, when I’m in grandmother mode, I am that and only that. What a gift!

When I babysit, every ounce of my attention is focused on building plastic cup towers, reading board books and chasing toy trucks. I’m the visiting playmate who rolls on the floor and applauds every new toddler trick. Every nap is preceded by leisurely singing in the rocking chair. My schedule is the baby’s schedule. There’s no need to rush home from the delights of swinging in the park. I don’t have any responsibilities at their houses. Meals have been prepared for me to serve. The laundry isn’t my concern. If I take a day off from work, I can make it up in my free time, because that free time really does belong to me.

Every grandparent dreams of holding her grandbabies in her lap and reading to them. Their heads come up to your chin and you can lean down to kiss their sweet, soft hair. Sometimes, they fall asleep in your arms.

Slow Tag Press was created for those moments. Our books are written for grandparents to share with their grandchildren, for parents to read in those few quiet minutes of the day. These are stories written about kids we all know, maybe kids we once were ourselves. Welcome to Slow Tag Press. Enjoy and share books. Sign up on our Opt-In page. And, by all means, let us hear from you –