When my mother came to visit, she’d sit down on our family room couch and promptly fall asleep. The noise and activity levels didn’t matter. That couch was soporific. She’d wake up an hour later ready to be a full-time grandmother. But, first the nap. Actually, daily the nap.

We always found those naps comical. Now that I’m the grandmother, I find I them absolutely necessary. Grandchildren are exhausting. I marvel that I was once a housewife, student, marketer and mother all at the same time. I get tired just thinking about it. 

When our daughter first brought her baby home, I reminded her that she should sleep when the baby slept. That’s easier said than done when you’re a young, working mother. But, as a grandmother, I’ve learned to take my own advice. When the kids sleep, I blissfully drift off. My kids’ couches are infinitely more comfortable than the ones in my own home. How can that be? Maybe because I can hear that soft breathing coming through the nursery monitor while I close my eyes.

Naps, really good naps – another perk of grandmotherhood.