Holiday Chaos

My home never ever looks like a Martha Stewart ad or a Norman Rockwell painting during the busy, fall, holiday season. It bears closer resemblance to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – dirty dishes and snacks everywhere, people popping in and out unannounced, and toys, toys, toys. Yes, our big family celebrations are boisterous and cluttered – as they should be.

I used to count every block, every magnetic letter each night while stacking the kids’ toys in neat piles. Then…I became a grandmother! Suddenly time used imposing organization was much better spent on the floor, surrounded by dolls and trains. Wrapping paper and ribbons that once needed to be cleaned up immediately made great disguises. Meal times were, well, any time, all the time.

Kitchen utensils became permanent drum sticks and paint brushes. Tiny shoes and socks made trails throughout the house. Chalk and bubbles? Let’s just say I’m learning to embrace the mess of family events.

Absolutely nothing makes me happier than having all our kids and all our grandchildren in our home. When they’re visiting, I try to spend my time playing and laughing and telling stories. There will be plenty of time to savor restoring order once it’s just us two grandparents at home again.