Do You Like Snow?

I love September. It’s the return of order, of predictability, of schedules. Bells ring and alarm clocks are set again. The schoolyard behind our house is filled with the noise of kids at play. The air is cool enough for them to want to run and swing and slide. Autumn is pretty great.

Spring is colorful, warm. Spring showers are not usually the flood-inducing boomers of July and August. But, spring is still mud season. Which, of course, brings us to summer.

I’m not too fond of summer. It’s hot. It’s humid. There are activities that come up all of a sudden and disrupt my carefully constructed calendar. I used to love summer camp – but I don’t get to go to camp any more.

However, I do like winter. I’ve always lived “up north” so, to me, snow is beautiful. I even enjoy shoveling it – again, imposing order on nature’s chaos (as much as is possible).

The little girl in our newest book at Slow Tag Press, Do You Like Snow?, is definitely not a fan of winter. She’s also not a fan of being lonely inside while her friends are bundled up and playing outdoors. What will she do? What should she do? Share Do You Like Snow? with your little readers and figure out what seasons you like best.


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