Wave That Flag

The world makes me ache and worry for my grandchildren. It was probably just as dangerous when I was a child (nuclear bomb drills under desks!), but – I was a child. I didn’t care about anything much beyond the three blocks between my home and the schoolyard. Now, the news is in my pocket all day long and I can’t escape it as easily.

 The United States is not without blame now and in the past. However, as the July 4th festivities begin, I am enormously grateful to be an American. But, being grateful doesn’t mean that I don’t want our country and our leaders and us as voters to do better. This month you’ll probably be wearing your red-white-and-blue shirts and waving your flag at the passing bands playing stirring, patriotic music. Remember that your duty as an American doesn’t stop when the fireworks are over.

 Take the time to learn about the candidates representing you locally and nationally. And, vote at every opportunity. Yes, vote! Saluting the flag as it’s marched down your town boulevard is great. I have a flag waving year round from my front stoop. But, voting can really make a difference – for us and for our grandchildren. They may be the future, but, we all have an important voice in shaping that future. Enjoy your Independence Day celebrations and vote to make that sense of pride mean something all year long.