Hurray for Outdoor Play!

At the beginning of May each year, a dear, sweet friend, the kind who would sacrifice anything for her family and comrades, calls me with an off-color poem about May and warm weather. It’s the perfect reminder that winter really is behind us and just another reason that I look forward to May.

This past winter has been particularly harsh in the Midwest. Almost daily snow flurries (and often more than flurries) and wind chills in the 30 below range have kept me inside with the grandkids on babysitting days. Now, it’s May!

Now, we can go to the playground. We can run around in our backyards. I can teach them how to plant their own little flower pots. It doesn’t take ten minutes to dress up before we can step outside. I’m not rubbing chilled hands and wiping dripping noses as soon as we step back into the house. We can walk to the library, to lunch, to classes and enjoy the sounds and scenery along the way. The world opens up again in May.

I still like winter. But, by March, I’m pretty tired of snow and ice. That’s why I’m holding on to my newest book, Do You Like Snow?, until we’re in the throes of heat and humidity and are looking forward to snowmen again. So, until you have a new read from Slow Tag Press, get outside and revel in spring. It’s May!