What's Your Kind of Valentine?

I wrote myself a reminder for the February blog post. It says only “treacly Valentine.” What did I mean? Are sweet cards too warm and fuzzy? Should Valentines be tart and sarcastic? Exactly what was this cryptic message supposed to prompt me to write?

I know for sure that I do not like over sentimentality. That may come as a surprise to my family as they’ve watched me tear up at sappy commercials for years. Yup, thirty seconds of schmaltz can have me lunging for the tissues. But, too much sugar and spice often hide the real feelings behind relationships.

I like my romance sprinkled with a healthy dose of teasing – not quite cynicism but certainly good natured banter. I like my books and characters that way, too. But, tongue-in-cheek is not for everyone. Some people can dish it out but not take it. Others would prefer no mocking at all.

This February, I wish you romance in whatever form you find it. Share your particular brand of love with your family, with your friends, with all those grand babies. There can never be too much tenderness and true affection in the world. Happy Valentine’s Day from Slow Tag Press to all of you!