Dear Amazon

Dear Santa,

This year I have been really, really good. I have done my chores, studied for most of my spelling tests and even been nice to my little brother. I hope that means you have a bunch of toys for me.

My dad helped me go online to choose exactly what I want. You can go to to see my wish list. I picked colors and stock code numbers to help you out. Don’t worry if the elves are running late. My parents have a Prime membership so you can log on at the last minute and still get these to me by Christmas morning. I see Amazon vans on our street all the time, But, I’ve never seen an Amazon sled pulled by reindeer (or by dogs). Even Amazon might have a hard time delivering to the North Pole. So, maybe you’d better just send the toys to me directly. I know you have a lot to do this time of year, so I hope this helps you out. 

Please wish Mrs. Claus a happy holiday from me.

Love, your friend and Amazon member Herbert

P.S. My mom and I ordered these cookies from Amazon, too.